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March 20, 2008


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Loved this post. You captured their day beautifully! What a life!


Thanks Donna, I agree about cats having a nice life . . . I'd like a life like that!

However, I did leave out the mouse chewing and other nasty stuff! LOL


Jerry, this is a great post. Now, I want to know how you made those cats "pose" for all the pics... :)

Gail Hecko

This was so cute! I love how they snuggle together.


Ha Ha when the patron is away the cats will play!


Pose? They are comeplete hams. Most animals run when they see a camera . . . not these two!

Is there any doubt who rules the roost in our house? I think that I am well down on the list. LOL


Jerry, they are so adorable!! Cats sure know how to keep their households revolving around them, don't they?! One of my Winston's fave spots is the bath tub after someone has showered...I am always wiping up little wet pawprints!


They sure do Anne. Our guys love water as well - very 'un-catlike'. If I am in the shower they will often try and sneak in.


My brother can't understand why I'm kind of grossed out when Mrs. Cat (his landlord) drinks out of the toilet. My brother (and, apparently, Mrs. Cat) think it's perfectly fine. Sure, until someone falls in.....


Sandra - I had no idea that they were doing it. Now that I am aware I'm doing my best to discourage the habbit. I dread to think of what else they are getting up to in our absence! ARGH


What beautiful kitties!

My LuLu loved drinking out of the toilet too. She also likes to lay on the side of the bathtub while I'm in it and reach down and grab a few drops to drink.


It is funny how animals who are supposed to have an aversion for water can't seem to get enough of it!

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