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April 19, 2008


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Love the looks of that mango salsa and seems easy enough to put together. Yummy looking dish!

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It sounds delicious. I love mango salsa, and I've been thinking about making some!


Thanks Eden and Kalyn. Normally I forgo mangos because it is a challenge to find nice ripe ones here. I sure lucked oout yesterday.


As much as I love mangoes, ripeness and quality are often uneven (at least in my markets). This is a surefire recipe to motivate me to shop carefully.

Thanks, Jerry, for the colorful and lively dish for WHB!


Susna - another nice thing about this recipe was that it comes together quite quickly.

We served it with citrus quinoa.


Jerry, too funny - last weekend we picked up some Halibut and when trying to figure out how to prepare it were deciding between this recipe and the blackend halibut, also on Cooking Light. Ended up with the blackened because it didn't require an additional trip to the market. Next time though, we'll give this one a try.

Which reminds me, do you collect the annual recipes books? I have an extra 2007 (not the most recent but the previous year), if you're interested, just e-mail me.


Kim - I shall have to try the other recipe as well. Let's trade! LOL

Travis Mann

You guys out there are performing a great job.

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