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April 25, 2008


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I like the sound of a zucchini quick bread and zucchinis should be in season in a while. The lemon glaze also sounds good.


Wow -- that recipe looks great! I love zucchini bread/loaves. They're very big out West, a staple at bake sales, etc. For good reason, zucchini seems to really make breads/loaves/cakes really moist. And since they don't have a lot of taste of their own, they don't detract from the other ingredients.

I remember a time when putting tomato soup in chocolate cake recipes was big, because it apparently made them extremely moist.....but I can't remember ever tasting one and the idea never seemed to catch on. As far as I know! Maybe the idea was just a bit too odd.

barb cabot

I love checking in on your blog and seeing all the great things you make. The zuccini loaf looks so scrumptious! Enjoy your weekend...are you packing yet?


I am surprised you have never eaten zucchini bread before. Maybe it is a regional thing? Chocolate cake with tomato soup as an ingredient however does not sound that appealing. I have not heard of that before.


Sandra - my grandmother used to make a wonderful tomato soup loaf. You are correct that you would never know the main ingredient was tomato soup. One has to wonder though about the intrepid cook that decided to mix it all together!

Thanks Barb. I haven't started packing yet but I have started thinking about my list of what I NEED to pack. I have two days off of work prior to heading to the airport so that is lots of time to worry.

Susan - I suspect that I had never eaten it because I would likely have seen zucchini and gone 'ewwwww'. It is a shame that it has taken me 43 years to expand those darn tastebuds a bit!

Coffee and Vanilla

Thank you for your entry, delicious :)


Margot - thanks for pulling the round up together.


I love zucchini and lemon both! I have that cookbook too, but have barely looked at it yet.


Kalyn - we have mde many of the recipes from this book. It is GREAT!


this looks really good.
i made a zucchini & pistachio cake once and it was soooo good!


Anna - the addition of pistachios sounds inspired. I shall have to try that out.


I've been making zucchini bread for years using a recipe that must be 40 years old and it never fails me.

I always include it in holiday food baskets I make for friends and family. No need to blanch, just shred enough for a recipe and freeze in individual bags; come winter, add the thawed zucchini to your recipe, making sure to throw in any of the water that results from the thawing.

This is a great way to use excess squash and even better if needing to use one that got away from you that you would never serve fresh!

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