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April 09, 2008


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Since I have been reading your Savannah blog, I am totally feeling deprived. I really missed out on a great party and awesome company.

Now, I want to visit and stand in line at The Lady and Sons.


Eden - it would be worth the wait. Ummm fried chicken.

michelle lovett

i cant believe people are being mean to paula deen it was her right to keep her medical history whatever it may be private or to herself i am just amazedby the hurtful things people are saying paula is a wonderful chef and a true southern lady whatever those people think she is not pushing her recipes on anyone she is just an extremely talented chef who is kind enough to share her recipes with the world. she is not pushing or forcing her foods or style of cooking on anyone people need to realize its the same with any chef each individual is responsible for what put in their own mouths and how much the chefs arent responsible for you if you decide to eat paulas cooking every day its your choice not hers she is not forcing it to you mr.bourdain people also need to realize that the high fat high calorie foods should only be served for special occasions and not every day when you learn this mr bourdain you should realize that you were wrong and you very much need to apologize to paula and next time keep your big mouth shut.

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