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May 03, 2008


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First thing I observed is that your countdown instrument will display one, yes 1 digit number starting tomorrow! How exciting is that!

Next, your post and pictures of samosas, etc. is making me hungry. I love Indian food. Good thing we have a lot of Indian restaurants in my area.

Lastly, where are the Indian sweet desserts? (Actually, I do not eat (mostly because I never have room for them) desserts when I go to Indian restaurants.

I just wanted to use First, Next, and Last - as we are preparing for Kindergarten writing assessments! LOL...


I have only eaten Indian food once while in Amsterdam. The dishes you ordered all look so delicious. I enjoyed drooling over them all :)


Eden - well done! *smile* Paul and I just watched the countdown change to9 days - Oh no!

I have never tried dessert at an indian restaurant. Do you have any suggestions?

Susan - your Indian food in Amsterdam is a bit like our feast of Chinese food in Venice. It really is a global village isn't it?


Oh oh, I would love to eat indian. Too spicy. Breastfeeding is more regimented than expecting. No alcohol no spicy foods. A few more months.


Angie - perhaps the baby might like curry! What do Indian babies do? :-)

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