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June 03, 2008


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Barb Cabot

Upon my wakening I head for the computer to see if you and Palma have blogged. Oh boy, I'm so excited when I can read more about the trip. Love your descriptions of all the purchases. Many possibly would not understand why you would need to have so many suitcases. From someone that always brings suitcases home that are full of cheese, I totally get it. Keep on blogging. I know I am not alone when I await your posts. Absolutely love your ceramic purchases!


Jerry, you are so bad! Someday you will need a larger house to store all your goods. I, too, looked forward to your posts. Thanks for taking us along on your adventure.


Jerry, you're an inspiration. I'm starting work now on my shopping list for September ("ceramics, sunflower pattern; leather eyeglass cases; bottled cinghiale sauce; chocolate!....")

It sounds (and looks) like a fantastic haul! Things that will help you to bring a bit more of Italy into your home, and remind you of a wonderful trip.

Your ceramics look really beautiful and what a thoughtful gift from Paolo.


Wow! Looks like you brought Italy home with you!


It is nice to have a bit of Italy at home. Now I try to bring home things I can't find here or things that are far more expensive here (aged balsamic being a prime example). Most of what we brought home fall into the categories of gifts for others or consumables so we won't be needing a bigger house just yet (although I'd be quite happy with a larger kitchen!).

Wendy and Rob

A table full of Italian goodies, each hand picked with the promise of vibrant memories with each taste or use. And a full year of wishes for somebody with the calendars.

Love your selections and wish you both great joy as you sip, nibble and munch.


Thanks Wendy - we've started on the munching already. We may need to return sooner than we had originally planned.

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