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June 04, 2008


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Barb Cabot

Reading your top ten literally gives me chills up and down my spine...what a wonderful trip! Looking forward to the rest of the list.


Your trip looks like it was a great time. Great job on keeping a nice record of your experiences. I plan to do that with my upcoming trip as well.

I was wondering about the products you brought home. Did you have trouble transporting everything? What about customs? I'd love to bring purchases home (I'll be in Bordeaux), but don't want to have to lose them at the border.


Thanks so much for the vicarious travel experiences - I'm really enjoying reading about your trip!

The "real" David just stopped me in my tracks. Is it possible for a statue to have charisma? I think he did.

And that balloon shadow photo is awesome!


Fantastic list, Jerry. The photo taken from the balloon is wonderful, a very unique perspective.

The Bauer B&B looks so lovely. This really must have been a fabulous trip!


Thanks Barb.

Psychgrad - we had no difficulty bringing food back into Canada. Most of ours were sealed/bottled though. I have heard that you can bring back hard cheese but have never tried it. I have seen people try to bring back cured meats and have them confisicated at customs.

We use styrofoam cases for the wine. We bought them at BevMo in California and another wine shop in Palm Desert. I think any wine shop would have them. We also bring along bubble wrap and zip lock bags. The zip lock bags prevent leaks in the even of breakage.

Thanks Annie. It is quite interesting how the statue of David 'grabs' you. A shame to see how the city has chosen to 'market' the image everywhere . . .

Sandra - it was a great trip. I am at a bit of a loss right now . . . not sure what to do. I need another trip to plan. LOL

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