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June 21, 2008


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sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

Did you serve them with your scissors?
I'll take a sliver of Paulo's!


I forgot the scissors! I still do the crazy North American thing of cutting them into slices. When will I learn?

Obviously both you and he have incredible taste in pizza!

Cindy Ruth

Jerry-Thanks for sharing the info about cooking pizza on the grill. As you saw on my blog, I decided to steal the idea for the Gorgonzola, Fig Jam, and Prosciutto Pizza I made last night.


YUM! is right! Those are beautiful pizzas!

The first time I tried pizza on the grill, I overcooked them and the crust was beyond crunchy. The next time, I got the timing right and they were delish.


I still haven't been brave enough to try pizza on the grill, but I did use your recipe for pizza dough and it's a winner! Thanks!

Oh, and we use sissors to cut our pizza too!


You have to be so careful not to overcook - I've charred a few myself! LOL

Barb - the thing I like about this dough is that it is so easy to spread - so many pizza doughs just poull back when you try to roll it out.

I had never heard of being served scissors to cut pizza until we went out to a restaurant in Pienza. It was a great idea.

Ice Tea For Me

Jerry thanks for sharing this dough recipe, I hate it when the dough bounces back on you.

I think this is the perfect dish to christian my bbq grill with, I'll have to remember the scissors - first I've heard of it but love the idea.



The scissors were served with a whole pizza allowing you to chop it up anyway you wished. We were surprised at first but Pino showed us how it was done! :-)


I keep wanting to try this... I've had them and they are wonderful. You've inspired me....
Never heard of the scissors. Here they are served with a knife and fork, of course....


Katie - the scissors were an Italian thing (although only in one restauran that we were in). There are some great recipes on line - Bobby Flay has some interesting ones although he calls them grilled flatbread instead of pizza.

Wendy and Rob

May I add my own "yummmm"? Between the recipes and the images I am really wanting to try this. Thank you for inspiring me. W.


Good luck Wendy - you'll be happy with the results!

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