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June 24, 2008


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Let's see. I need to find an educational leadership angle to this type of research. It certainly is more fun than the one I am doing (Character Education). Research over chardonnay or martinis, as you said, sounds more interesting than focus groups with teachers.

Jerry, my workplace is similar to yours. We do not need any alcoholic beverages to thrash our colleagues. LOL. You had me laughing!


Eden - this research would be more enjoyable - ther eis no doubt in my mind! LOL Martinis and chardonnay at work might make things here more enjoyable too!


I think we should write a multi-million dollar grant to study "the effect of non-office collegial affiliation on productivity" by going to bars throughout the world at Happy Hour and interviewing groups of workers. Let's start with Italy.


Brad - I am there with you! *smile*


See, I tried to do this happy hour after work stuff and, well, with Micha away, the only colleague left to kiss was Max. That wasn't too bad, but he kept bad mouthing Franco's chickens. I really only went because I felt obligated anyway. Max and I decided that stick retrieving exercises were a better way to bond.


Diana - is that why he kept sneaking away and ended up at Franco's? You could always get drunk withyour guests and bad mouth them - I am sure that they would appreciate that!


No real comment here, just to say that I am giggling at the whole post...I wonder about those research statistics and if drinks were involved gathering them...LOL.

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