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June 02, 2008


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Deb R

Hey Jerry, a great trip report. So sorry to hear of your misadventures on return...we are flying Lufthansa as well on Friday! I hope they get their act together. I know you must be having the post-trip blues today...but just think you can start planning for the next one! hehehe


Jerry, I hate to say this but thanks for a good beginning to the day--at your expense. I laughed throughout your trials. My sympathies do go to Paolo who had to return to work today.

Years ago on an AirFrance flight we had a similar experience but the whole plane load was put up at a 5 star hotel for the night and given an wonderful prime rib dinner after returning to Paris. I remember the fuel dumping and all.

Welcome back to N. America.


Welcome home. Sorry to hear about the nightmare trip back but at least it is an amusing post (for others). Did that really happen about the beautiful woman and not getting your passport stamped?

Ice Tea For Me

I'm sure the words from Dorothy & Toto are very appropriate right now... There's no place like home!!

Thank you for keeping up your blog on your trip, I know how challenging this is. It allows us to live vicariously though you since we aren't in Italia ourselves.


Whoa -- this indeed is a trip from hell. That is a whole lot of things to go wrong all at the same time! I'm used to one or two things screwing up on every flight, but you just jammed a couple of years' worth of woe into one trip!

Watching the pilots dumping fuel to lessen the explosion would be disconcerting, as would the rush of emergency vehicles. That would certainly be my signal to try to get drunk in the hopes of passing out....

The one thing that comforts me when everything is going to hell, is imagining what a great anecdote this will make in future at dinner parties and such. You and Paul will certainly have a lot to dine out on!

Having said all that, welcome home, Jerry, I've been enjoying your blog!

Barb Cabot

Whew, you made it home! I thought about you and Paul flying yesterday and Paul having to go to work today. Thank goodness it all ended safely. Will wait patiently for the rest of the wild adventure stories and pics. Relax and enjoy being at home sweet home!


And after all that you were only 5 hours late. Not bad. Why does it always happen on the way home when one is tired and cranky? But you are home safe. Welcome home and I look forward to hearing more and seeing the pictures.


Glad to know that you and Paul are home safe, Jerry.

I do not think I was supposed to be laughing out loud while reading this post but I couldn't help myself! Funny about your misadventures...

I had a similar experience flying home from Honolulu, engine sparking, turning off one of the engines, going back to HNL, fire engines and ambulances on the runway... "just in case they were needed"... I was ready to move to Honolulu permanently! I did not care if I came home again!


Glad that our travel tale brought some laughter into your lives. It did in ours as well. It became one of those absurd situations that you just had to laugh at. It is funny as well how the passage of time makes trauma seem more amusing - the human brain is a wonderful beast.

Susan - the part about the passport stamp really did happen - hard to believe in this day and age of security.

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