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July 28, 2008


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sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

Those are the colors of the Irish flag...I bet it was just as good.
I believe I see a centerpiece there!


It was quite tasty - I love fresh cheese, ripe tomatoes, basil, and really good olive oil.

What is a centerpiece?


OMG -- all of those dishes look fantastic! Your Mom and sister are very, very fortunate. The array of Italian meats, the caprese salad and the cookies all look incredible.

I hope your Mom has a wonderful trip. She'll have a hard time finding as a good a meal as you've presented, even in Paris. Seriously.

Cindy Ruth

Jerry-That looks like it was a fabulous meal. But then, all of your meals look fabulous. Glad you liked the tart recipe-I just love that almond filling. I made it once with apricots also. What do you think about the bing cherries we're currently getting-they would be good in it also.


Jerry, you have the makings of a hospitality professional.... maybe a new career option. Everything looks not only fabulous but mouth watering as well.


Jerry, what an awesome array for your family! How fortunate they are to have you - one who cares so much for them that you go all out to make such memorable dinners. Every time you post some dinners or any food presentations, hunger sets in here.

I am also feeling that (Catholic) guilt, since I was more likely to take my Mom out to some restaurants (before she went home to the Phil.) rather that cook...bad daughter!


It looks all yummy to me (even the meat that I don't eat). I never thought of caprese with yellow tomatoes. Great idea! I think you should quit your job and open up a restaurant. I hope you mom has a fabulous trip! Lucky her!!

Barb Cabot

What a meal! The presentation alone 5 stars! You just get more impressive by the minute! Lucky Rose and your mom. That's some Bon Voyage meal! Take a bow Jerry, Bravo!

Brad'll Do It

What a magnificent meal! Looks like about thirty courses, with an "Italian Schedule" of consumption (about three hours). Have you thought about catering a Slow Trav GTG, say in October or so?


I don't know Sandra, Brenda's pics of food in Paris look pretty impressive!

Cindy - the tart would be wonderful with cherries. Cherries and almonds are a classic combination.

Thanks Diana. I'm not if a change in careers would allow me to afford the things I love though! *smile*

Eden - Catholic guilt is an odd thing. I am glad that I do not have any to worry about!

Thanks Susan. After hearing mom go on and on about Paris I am thinking that we may need to move it up on the 'destination list'.

Thanks Barb!

Brad - I am leaving all catering to the experts - the hosts! I'm thinking martinis by the pool . . .


I really appreciated the dinner and the company! Kudos to you and Paul and thanks for the time we spent together. I really enjoyed the time we had. Now when can I see you 2 come East??? Love you both.


I honestly don't know why I read this blog as I am always thinking, "Oh, I am inadequate...." You always have everything just so and everything looks tasty and elegant and hugely welcoming to everyone and co-ordinated and graceful and, oh, why go on....way jealous of all these things you are so good at and make looks so effortless. Kudos to you.


Well Jerry and Paul you need to come to Cape Breton, Via Air Canada FLY over Glace Bay ( only looking at Rose's Roof) and come to Sydney!! Then we will Blog about how Rose missed the wonderful meal!! No one could fill her shoes at all ( she needs to come home). I am so glad you are all having such a lovely time, very jealous that I am missing this but as I cry that is ok, ONE day soon I will meet everyone!! I am saving most of the work for her!! LOL


Rose - we were glad that you could make it.

Kayte - no need to feel inadequate at all. This is not something we do everyday. To be honest, if we had kids and busy schedules we wouldn't do this at ALL! *smile*

Kim - we've been chatting about a return to NS but aren't sure when we'll fit it in. One day is right,

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