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July 06, 2008


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Cindy Ruth

Jerry, glad the cookies were worth the $20 for the almond flour. Maybe using the processor to make my own did affect the texture of mine-they didn't have a fine crumb. Guess I'll have to break down and make the purchase next time.


Cindy Ruth - I'd be happy to send some almond flour you way - I have no idea what I can do with it now! LOL


Oh no, I always feared this day would come....the day I learned the secret of these fantastic cookies! I see that it's almond flour that gives them their amazing texture!

I've been totally hooked on these for years, and every time I've found them in a bakery in Italy, I have bought and devoured too many.

And now that I know how to make them at home, it could be very dangerous for my diet. I just hope I can't find almond flour.....

Cindy Ruth

Jerry-I thought about ordering the almond flour on line, and I did look to see if any of our other recipes on the list called for it. Since they didn't, that's when I decided not to purchase. I'm sure you'll find some use for the leftover flour, maybe like more of these cookies? Or looking through Dolce Italiano for more things that call for it? Or what about a almond genoise cake?

María I.

This recipe along with the semolina lemony one are my favorite cookie recipes. Great flavor and texture.


Looks great! I'm counting down the days until vacation in Ontario.....can't wait till I get there!


Sandra - you're close enough that I could bake some up and send them your way! *smile*

Cindy Ruth - I'll have to check the next few recipes before I make any grandiose plans for the almond flour. I've never order baking ingredients on-line and I'm not sure I will be able to find the almond flour all of the time.

I agree Maria - we had eaten half of these cookies before lunch! ARGH

Rose - we're looking forward to seeing you again!


Warm? What's that? We have had a return to winter weather here and apparently it is here to stay for the rest of summer...

This looks a great recipe! As per normal my waistline expands whilst reading your blog...


Robert - there shall be a definite return to more low-fat items shortly. I am outta control! LOL

We had a cool June but things have gotten out of hand again. There is no need for extra heat right now.


Maybe do a search on the net for more recipes for the almond flour? I know it doesn't keep as long as regular flour due to the nature of the nuts being subject to going rancid, etc., so to keep your investment viable, you might want to do some searching soon...just a thought. Baking more cookies and putting them in the freezer for Christmas cookie trays might be an option. Yours look lovely in the photo.


I've been storing the almond flour in the refrigerator but it won't last forever. I will have tosearch for some recipes - I think Paul would be happy if I made more of these cookies every day!

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