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July 13, 2008


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michelle of bleeding espresso

Glad you gave this one a shot...you remind me I need to make it again :)


I loved your apple pie for breakfast comment - how very appropriate! I'm going to try it next weekend with some different fruit.


Jerry, that looks so delicious. And you make a good point, we're so used to savoury omelettes rather than fruit-based brunch dishes. But this sounds fab.

And I'm a huge fan of Cora's. Problem in Ottawa is that there are only a few, there are always lineups and they close way too early (like, mid-afternooon.) They are serious about being a brunch spot!


Sandra - they are opening a Cora's within walking distance from our house - I can't wait. Generally if you want a table without a wait you need to get there at 7 am. OUCH

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