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July 03, 2008


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Ice Tea For Me

This cheesecake sounds wonderful, can't wait to try. Thanks for sharing.

After you mentioned that you find MS recipes don't turn out right I got to thinking about her crafts and 'It's a Good Thing' projects. 9 out of 10 times I tried one it just wasn't right. Always thought it was me.


Looks amazing! Glad to see that someone is mellowing in their old age!


I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who gets frustrated with Martha's recipes! The cheesecake looks fabulous, and as a strawberry fan, I'm making this one. - AnnieK


It is nice to know that I am not alone in being challenged by the culinary musings of Ms. Martha! Mom made her cheesecake today and it turned out well (although she seems to have overcooked it).

Rose, if mellowing and wisdom comes with age what ius your excuse? :-)


I agree, roasted strawberries are quite unusual. Very interesting idea. (Would you believe I've never made one single recipe by Martha Stewart? No idea why not!)


I've not made many either Kaylyn - generally they are too fussy for me. I might have to try a few more after this success. Now to explore more roasted strawberry recipes.


I loved your strawberry "Did you know" bits...here's another: Did you know that my hometown is Strawberry Point, Iowa? Well, tis true. It got it's name because strawberries grew wild there...lots and lots and lots of them...when the railroad came through in the 1800's, the engineer always called out the location, "Here we are at Strawberry Point!" So now you know...LOL.

Am going to try this recipe. And, justsoyouknow, I really like Martha's recipes and have great success with so many of them that I would hate to tell you that I go to them time and time again. Her pie dough is one of my favorites, her Madeleines, hands down are my favorites of any recipe for them that I have tried, and on and on and on...so, can we give Martha a break? She has done a tremendous amount for people who enjoy cooking and baking and home keeping and crafting...I'm a Martha fan for the most part. I like what she tries to stand for. But, it is okay if we agree to disagree on this...I have been in the minority before and staunchly defended my right to be so!


You're right Kayte - I should hardly call HER a disaster because I can't make her recipes properly. I think that issue is that many of her crafts/recipes require patience . . . this is something I lack in spades. The result is that I rush and things do not work as they should.
Clearly you have far more patience than I!

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