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August 29, 2008


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Barb Cabot

Dear Jerry, You inspire me with your positive attitude. You've made great "lemonade" on this trip and you demonstrate yet another brilliant facet in your gem of a soul! PS That sunset is incredibly beautiful. Thanks for this post.


...fried things in baskets...

You crack me up! I wish we could put one of those ROTFL smiley faces in our blog comments.


Oh yes, that sunset is glorious! But, 1st class to Dubai does sound intriguing. Are you sure there are not teacher unions there that need you? If so, I know someone who would go with you as an experienced consultant!


I just couldn't get past the shower part. Did you happen to see Sex in the City (the movie)? If not, you should. And next time you might want to bring along a few of those little chocolate pudding things.

The sunset and the beach photos are both magnificent!


Your travel sounded like my Indian Education Conference travel to Oaklahoma a few years back. Mine was without the beautiful sunset nor a glorious beach.

But what a positive attitude you have towards the whole thing... a funny take on your travel. Do you think they'd have "fried things in baskets" in Dubai?


Barb - now if only I could work on being positive all of the time! LOL

Deborah - LOTS of fried things in baskets. I'm not sure there was a vegetable to be found on the island.

Jane - we actually do work with teachers in Dubai (as well as Benin in Africa). I don't like the idea of being away from home for a month. If I ever decide to go I know where to look for consultant support.

Girasoli - I haven't seen sex in the city - was waiting for the DVD. I'll have to check for the reference when I do!

Eden - I suspect 'fried things in baskets' exist all over the world - although in some places the things might be grasshoppers or rodentia.

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