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August 04, 2008


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I love camping and it looks so beautiful there! Maybe someday we can have a slowtrav camping GTG... I know not everyone would be into it, but wouldn't it be fun for those that are?


Shannon - camping in a group is great fun. It is so nice to just let it all go for a change. I do suspect that some STers would rather be holed up in a luxury hotel though. *smile*

Deb R

Hey it look like a great time to me. I love camping we have discovered the art of dutch oven cooking. Tell Paul I love his "Bar Harba" tee shirt....I'm a Mainea you know!


If you decide to pitch a tent under my pergola, I guess I'll have to get used to it. But I would let you use the coffee maker in the kitchen, and I have plenty of plastic dishes and martini glasses!

Oh my. Just stick needles in my eye!
Pretty, though...


Jerry, that camping trip sounds like a lot of fun. You certainly were not roughing it!

I am not much of a camper but have done my share way in the past - as the ex and kids loved it. I can tent camp if I need to.

When you and Shannon plan a camping GTG, make sure there are cabins for rent for those who can't rough it. Now that I think about it, isn't Melody Ranch camping? LOL.


That first photo is gorgeous! This looks like a lot of fun.


Palma - there will be no tents in Palm Desert. I expect to be lolling about in frette sheets. I have told Paul that it will be just as nice as the Baur B and B (his arbitor of B and B style).

I will tell him Deb. We loved Maine so much that we're going back next year (although we may give Bar Harbor a miss this time . . . :-)

Eden - we'll keep the cabin request in mond! *smile*

Thanks Annie - that was about the only blue sky we saw and I loved the towwering cloud reflected on the water.

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