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August 11, 2008


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sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

It is not peach week yeat!!!
Glad to hear Victor is back to his old self. I bet Paul is not looking forward to next week.


Jerry, I'm wiping the tears from my cheeks! This is the funniest thing I've read in weeks.
Irma Bombeck is screaming in her grave from envy.


Just be thankful that it isn't (yet) raining locusts or somesuch. This summer has totally sucked, I have never seen so much rain!!! Fortunately, I haven't seen death among the peaches or fisticuffs in the vodka section.

Meanwhile, could you let your cats eat their furry catches? Maybe that would bring you some good luck (or perhaps if we sacrificed a Tory cabinet minister to the weather gods, we could appease their wrath.....)

Cindy Ruth

I'm thinking a week in a hotel sounds really good...no one waking you up to dispose of furry creatures!


Sorry, Jerry. I do not think I was supposed to laugh while I was reading this... but somehow I am finding this funny. I know, however, that if all of those were happening to me, I would not think of them as humorous... so I am sorry for laughing.

Have a peaceful hotel stay and stay away from vodka stores with hummers parked in front.


Laughter was/is the only way to handle the day. I have had a good time laughing about it with my colleagues at the meeting I'm at. If you don't laugh it just gets depressing!

Ice Tea For Me

Oh Jerry, laughing is all you can do when faced with a day like you had.

Now what does Paul do when you're gone and another furry creature is brought in?

For small insects like crickets, spiders, etc. I do the 'Trap w/a cup' technique then slide a envelope, cardboard, etc. underneth and dispose of outside.

I wish I had a 'Jerry' to take care of things like this for me but being single you deal with it or live with the little bugger's. No Thank You.


ITFM - that is one of the great challenges of singlehood isn't it. We're lucky - the jobs I hate Paul can handle and vice versa. I'm not sure what will happen when something comes up that we BOTH despise!


Fabulous, just fabulous! Erma Bombeck is dead?


Erma Bombeck? Wasn't she 100? ARGH Just what I need . . . to be compared to a 100 year old woman. Life is good isn't it?

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