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August 18, 2008


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Very lovely meal, Jerry -- it all looks so fabulous (I don't dare even think about butterscotch pecan ice cream! I'm starting to drool.....)

Victor looks extremely pleased with himself (as he well should) especially when he has his nose in the ice cream!

Cindy Ruth

Another great-looking dinner. Glad you're discovering that fish can be very tasty. I don't think I've cooked salmon that way-I'll have to give it a try.


Very pretty dinner! Wish I liked salmon.


Victor is all together too pleased with himself. I'm afraid when he got so sick we just let him do whatever he wanted to figuring 'what difference did it make?' Now that he is better he is a terror!

Cindy Ruth - I bet it would be brillian with salmon freshly caught from your area. YUM

Palma - I was a slamon hater until a few years ago. I wouldn't say that I LOVE yet it but I am learning to appreciate it. I blame it on all of those 'creamed salmon with peas on toast' lunches that mom made us eat as children. EWWWWW


I'm so glad that Victor is okay. He deserves some ice cream! That sure does look like a wonderful meal. I love that unusual wine bottle - beautiful label.


Lucky, that Victor to have some of that expensive Tiramisu ice cream (per SSS posts). And such a
well mannered "diner" too.

Great dinner photos once again... and delicious, I am sure. I love salmon so I may try that "wrapped in prosciutto" touch. Thanks for sharing this.

Sue (coffeepot)

Wow looks like the perfect meal. I love salmon and all else sound like wonderful compliments.

Sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

I am glad to see that I have brought some culture to your dinner table!
Only the best for Victor:-)


So happy to see Victor pawing about. How happy you must be.


So happy to see Victor pawing about. How happy you must be.


Annie - we bought the wine because of the shape of the bottle initially. We kept buying it because of the flavour!

Eden - he is well trained - even uses a spoon! *smile*

Thanks Sue - it was a treat.

Sandi - Victor appreciates your fine influence.

You have no idea Diana! Actually, I take that back. As a fellow pet love I know that you do!

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