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August 22, 2008


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Ooh, those look great! Jerry, do you remember the theme song from the movie, The Monkey's Uncle? Freakishly, I think I do -- Annette Funicello singing "I love the monkey's uncle/And the monkey's uncle's ape for me."

Why I remember that, I can't say.


Well, I was only 1 when the movie was released so I am not sure if I ever saw it! LOL


Alas, where I grew up in rural Alberta, CBC was the only TV channel we received, so we saw many (many!) reruns of Disney and Disney movies. Except the classics, such as Bambi (which I have never seen) or even the Jungle Book!


Sandra - all I can say is 'poor thing'!


I could use one of these right now. It's going to be a looong night.


It would certainly make the evening go by more quickly! LOL

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