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August 23, 2008


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What amazing lines, textures and shapes! Obviously a bird haven! Delightful pic!

marcia@joyismy goal

wrinkled rock --like glacia; lines cool (literally)

Stop by and see my cute dimpled /wrinkled three generations/



Beautiful photo! Those are nice wrinkles.

Hootin' Anni

Sea kayaking? How fun that sounds!!!

Mine is posted


Oh wow. That's beautiful! Thanks for the mini-tour of Maine. Every photo I've ever seen of that state is beautiful.



Great photo. I'd have never thought of wrinkled rocks. By the way, if you want to email me those wrinkled people photos...
I wouldn't want you to get stuck up there on that high road.;->


Wonderful shot. I went to nature also --- couldn't post a picture of people --- just seemed; I think you understand. Maine with wrinkled rocks. Beautiful.

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

Thank goodness you are looking for wrinkles and not crinkles ;-)

Mrs. Mecomber

I love Maine. And I love Maine rocks! Great photo!

My Photo Hunt is up, too! Please visit and leave your link. :) http://newyorktraveler.net/photo-hunters-wrinkled/

María I.

Great catch! We have a lot of wrinkled rocks on the way to Sedona.

Happy weekend!


I would have never thought of rocks! Great idea. I felt the same way about wrinkles on people, but think mine is safe.

Sandra Ree

I don't think I've ever thought of a rock as being wrinkled. lol Now I see that they are. Love this picture Jerry!


Those are some wrinkled rocks. :)


Thanks - it was a pleasure to look at your selections. It is always interetsing to see how folks 'interpret' the theme.

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