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August 09, 2008


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Dark Chocolate. Clever!!!


Dark chocolate. Yummy!


I thought it was a break from the night shots! LOL

Maria I.

I'm so happy to see you Photo Hunting! I like your take on the theme and it surely is a nice break from all the night shots.

Everyday Healy

Oh... I like the first pic. It looks like the mysterious secret garden to me! Haha...


Welcome to PhotoHunt! Dark chocolate is a good one. Mine is a dark-faced creature. :)


Thanks Maria. I don't know why I haven't 'photo hunted' before - I've got huindred of pictures and this is a great way to think in a more creative manner!

Thanks Everyday - it was a greta gardena nd would have been an amazing secret garden!

I'll have to go and check your photo out Annie!


Hi! Welcome to PhotoHunt. You have a really nice blog here. Your photos are just lovely, though the food ones are making me hungry. ;-)

Thanks for stopping by at mine.


Dark chocolate! I would have never thought of that one. Very creative! I hope you continue to play along. It is fun trying to think outside the box (although I am not always successful with the outside the box part). Welcome to PhotoHunt!! Thanks for leaving a comment on my post :)


I love your photo of the dark Tuscan garden AND the idea of the dark chocolate to illustrate the theme.

(And I wish I were in that Tuscan garden right now, eating the dark chocolate!)


Thanks Vicki!

Girasoli - it will be a challenge to think of things that are different but a good challenge in my books!

Sandra- that would be a dream combination wouldn't it?

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