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August 15, 2008


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I've eaten most everything on that list except roadkill, snake and frog legs which just have too big an "ick" factor for me. And forget fugu--I can't imagine trusting a Sushi chef that much.

I laughed when I saw vodka/jello, Jerry. It made me think of university. I'm certain you and I downed a Purple Jesus or two together. 8)


Jerry, I have to ask: where did you have curried goat? And how was it?

I have to say, anything to do with eels really gives me the creeps. Eels and snakes both; they probably taste like chicken, but I'd rather eat insects. Especially if they were chocolate-coated.


Jerry, I copied this from Krista too but haven't posted it; probably will tomorrow or Monday. I'm surprised though, no lox and bagel (we must rectify the next time you're in NYC), same for clam chowder in a sour dough bowl?

Sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

You get around my friend!
I may be from Alabama... but no road kill for me!


Jerry, glad you had fun with this list. I agree with Kim that you definitely need to try bagel and lox when you're in NYC, but come to San Francisco for the clam chowder in the sourdough bowl... and how about some Santa Barbara abalone?


I think that my problem is thta I am not a great sushi fan (actually I don't even really like fish), I am not a fan of slimy foods (oysters), or rubbery foods (snails), and I haven't travelled in enough of the nordic countries. Notice that there weren't many Italian food items . . . I'd score with those!

Sandra - curried goat is populay in TO because of the large Jamican population. There is a great roti shop near the office.

Laura - Lord . . . remember those parties . . . all you can drink for $ 10! I recall drinking purple jesus out of huge plastic garbage drums. Thank goodness the grain alcohol killed the germs. LOL

I am officially old when I worry more about germs than a huge bucket of purple jesus.


Fun list to read! I also did one. I was surprised by no bagels and lox and then read in your comments that I am not the only one. Lox really are not slimy and nothing like raw fish. It is similar to proscuitto that it is not cooked but really not raw either and so yummy!


Well, I guess we'll need to make another trip to NY to try it out! All of these raves can't be ignored can they?

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