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August 21, 2008


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OMG, Jerry. I believe in the saying that the family that does things together stays together, but this takes it to another level!

She has that many kids???And the youngest is only 13 months old? Why do people not know when they have reached their level of incompetence? (know I have reached mine a long time ago... LOL.)

Seriously, I am so saddened by situations like these. I always wonder what scenarios my students come from as I meet them for the first time every school year opening.. Mine is in a week and a half.


That is how I was Eden - saddened for the kids and knowing the future that was likely in store for them but smiling at the absurd nature of it all. Why is it that the mothers who seem to have so many kids are generally the ones least able to raise them?


This is a kind of absurd extension of the sort of parenting style where the adults want to be friends with the kids. I don't have children, so I'm certainly no expert. But I've always had the sense that parents that want to be buddies with the kids aren't doing them any favours.


Sandra - I don't think that you even need kids to know that that type of parenting is just plain wrong! Kids have lots of parents but need just a few *smile* really good parents!

Gail Hecko

Article: simply awful
Your commentary: priceless


Gee Gail . . . that sounds like a commercial for something . . . .


Well, I certainly hope that she at least put the baby in a proper car seat in the backseat of the car, (she says, huffily)
Some standards just have to be maintained!
Do I still have to admit to being from Wisconsin?


I am sure that not everyone form Wisconsin is like this sweetheart! *smile*

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