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September 26, 2008


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No Harper support in this area!!


Lucky you Rose. Some of the folks around ehre need a reminder of how bad things were under Harris.


An excellent choice, Jerry -- Carol Goar is a great columnist and she has really nailed some important issues here.

Politicians have always preyed on public fears to win votes and it's amazing how many people continue to fall for the same old ploy.

Yet it is reinforced by some elements of the media (here I go on one of my favourite rants) Crime stories are easy to cover, easy to sell; marketers love to make us feel inadequate so we'll continue to shop frantically for things we don't really need (okay, I really DO need my new ceramics from Umbria.)

In the end, fear really does sell. Sadly.


Sandra - I wish that Goar wrote more often because I agree with so much that she says. I am shocked by how gullible voters can be - I guess that in the end it is not challenging to get folks to do what you want.

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