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September 17, 2008


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So sorry Jerry. I thought we Americans were the only ones with an idiot in power.


No Kendall - believe it or not but the US does NOT have a monopoly on stupid politicians!


Again -- well said, Jerry!

Sadly, I saw an opinion poll today suggesting Harper continues to have a healthy lead. (I shouldn't do this, but I'm watching a bit of Cdn news from Italy.) It's a bit shocking to think that many Canadians don't seem to mind Harper's remarkable gall and cynicism.

It's a bit ironic; we wonder who, among Italians, could possibly vote for Berlusconi, given how cynical he is. But are we Canadians any different.....


Sandra - focus on vacation! Deal with the sad reality of Canadian politics upon your return (to say nothing of the nightmarish economic outlook).

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