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September 27, 2008


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Cindy Ruth

Great photo Jerry! What is the blue area that is on the piazza?


That's one amazing view! I love seeing shots from bell towers since I don't climb them. How did Paul manage to go to the top with his fear of heights?


Jerry, that is a great shot. I don't think I've seen the piazza from that perspective in a photo before.
I passed up the chance to climb the bell tower in favor of a glass of wine last time I was there.
Wish I'd done the tower and THEN the wine.


Cindy Ruth - that is the fountain. It is quite different when seen from above isn't it?

Maria - he was fine with the climbing - you can't see out of the tower very much. When we got to the stop (and after our ears stopped rining) he stayed away from the edge.

Deborah - there is always the next trip!


Great photo. Better you than me!


I love this photo!!!That is one of my favorite towers to climb. I have climbed it a few times. Great choice!!


Palma - you'll notice that I climbed NO towesr in Italy this year! LOL

Girasoli - I seem to recall that we found it easier to climb than the guingi tower in Lucca. Certainly the staircase was far less claustrophobic.


It's so nice to see a different vantage point view of Italy. Thanks for posting it. Very nice.


Awesome! This is the best view I've seen so far today. Love the colors and the perspective! Thanks for visiting mine and have a great week! Annie


Brenda - I agree about the perspective. In some Italian towns the only way we can figure out where we are going (or need to go for that matter) is by climbing a tower!

Have a great week yourself Annie!

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