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September 13, 2008


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Hootin' Anni

EXCELLENT photos!!!

My wild is posted...the wildness of nature. Come see.
Happy Hunting.

The Social Frog

I love your shots, very nice :)


Love these wild pics! And those elephant seals are just adorable!

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

I believe those birds were in the wall outside our bedroom~


Your shot of the bird in the wall is really cool, Jerry! The Elephant seals look like I feel after making one of your recipes and pigging out on it!


Great shots all. Thanks for sharing! Love those shots on the rocky shore. So many ways you can look at the wild theme here.


I agree with you - I'm glad cameras weren't so prevalent in my younger, wilder days, LOL.

Love these photos! The seals are so cool looking, and the little bird is sweet.

Happy weekend!


Yeah, no remaining pictures of back when I was a 'wild thang'. :)

The pictures are great. You caught both wildness of the shore and the animals.


Cool photos! I love nature at its best. Great choices!


Thanks for stopping by for photohunt!

María I.

I have documented in pictures my young and wild days because they were spent in Mexico and my friends and I always carried a camera. (ahem, we were supposed to be studying ...)

Love the shots of the seals and that's one cute bird hard at work.

Happy Sunday!


Love your photos, Jerry. I want to see those evidences of wild times as a student!!!


Your're brave Maria - I shudder to think about photos existing from my youth! LOL

Eden - I don't want to see them - I am even more sure that you don't. :-)

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