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September 10, 2008


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Good rant Bro! I concur! Look forward to the next. I'm showing this to Brad as it's his first time voting and he's lookin to be informed. We have Municipal elections here as well - more waste of our tax dollars!!!


Jerry, I considered posting on this, but want to keep my new blog about traveling to Italy.
I will be so glad to get away from this "nonsense" election campaigning next week. It will be time to vote right after I return from Italy.
I am still fuming about Harper wasting my taxpayer dollars.
Atleast, it isn't Mike Harris in there!


OK--I have someone to give you! A fresh face with executive experience. Just don't mention pigs when around her.


Brava, Jerry! Excellent rant. I don't think I've ever seen a prime minister or a federal government quite as blatantly cynical as this Conservative administration.

And calling an election on such an obviously trumped-up excuse as an inability to work with the opposition (because of Conservative antics!) is the pinnacle of Harper's cynicism.

I can't tell yet if our fellow Canadians are yet feeling the sting of this cynicism -- and of a Mike Harris-type government. I can only hope so.


Rose - I shall keep this up every now and then until the election.
chiaro - good point - too bad that some of Harris' more nasty MPPs are now in Harper's government though. You picked a great time to head to Italy!

Jane - you can keep Sarah let's go to war with Russia' Palin down there thank you very much. That having been said, the Obama campaign has been dismal at best.

Sandra - let's keep our fingers crossed!


Ah Jerry, welcome to our world.


Great rant! I could add my own personal dissatisfactions to this list. A federal vote on same-sex marriage (when it was legal in all the Provinces?). Why? Massive cutbacks to the arts, to appeal to the conservative faction who think that the arts are a waste of money. This is a Mike Harris government waiting to be unleashed if/when they get a majority. Heaven help us!


Kim - I do NOT want to be a part of that world. I wonder if politics are as bad as ever and we only realize it now because we are able to understand it better . . . .

I agree Marion - heaven help us. I had forotten the arts funding (there is only so much I can retain in any given day!) now I have some more fodder for tonight! :-)

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Elections, elections, elections...is this going to be a new weekend activity for Canadians? We all know Harper has done this to reinforce his position and he believes he will achieve success, however I am not so sure. These weeks are too wild, with several bad events and no positive. Harper is pretty losing popularity and there are still two weeks ahead...I suppose he will win again, but will his position change compared to the actual situation??
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TREA - I don't think that anyone has a greta plan for success right now. I am convinceed, based upon our Ontario experiences, that tax cuts and meanspirited politics won't do it though!

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