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October 13, 2008


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Cindy Ruth

Jerry-Your Thanksgiving dinner looks divine! And I agree that you can not have low-fat food on Thanksgiving. I think using the apple sorbet as a palate cleanser was a great idea. Good job!

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

The table looks great!

Everything looks yummy. I can't wait to hear about the dessert.

Happy Thanksgiving Day, eh!
(that is in Canadian in case you are wondering)


Looks like a delectable Thanksgiving dinner to me!
We also did it up in style, with every favorite family dish on the table, from brussels sprouts to turnips and carrots in butter and brown sugar glaze, right through to Pumpkin Pie Squares that are a family favorite.
I was so stuffed...felt like the turkey looked!


Jerry, some day I want to actually sit down at your table rather than just enjoy it in photos!! Thanks for the lesson on Canadian Thanksgiving. I had wondered about that.

Terru (teaberry)

Oooh, Jerry. What a wonderful meal you prepared. It looks totally fabulous. And I love how you set your table too. Happy Thanksgiving to you!


I must say Jerry, it's quite convenient that your Thanksgiving comes a month before mine. Gives me the opportunity to borrow menu ideas!

BTW, I remember sharing a decadent Thanksgiving with you and your mother some, dare I say it, 25 years ago. I think I still have a photo of you passed out on the sofa afterward!


I am so behind on reading blogs! Everything looks beautiful, and delicious.


Thanks y'all. It was a greta day.

Jane - if you are ever in the area you must stop by!

Sandi - I picked up on the Canadianism LOL

Brenda - clearly we'll need a few days to recover.

Laura - that must have been some other friend. I would never engage in such behaviour! :-)

Palma - see you in a week! Don't do all owrk between now and then - rest and relax!

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