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October 31, 2008


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You give out chips? I want to trick or treat at your house!


You give out cats? As well as chips????

Seriously, I love your decorations, that's amazing work!

I wish I could have seen the Sarah Palin costume, hilarious.


One of my good friends at work dressed up like Sarah Palin. I told her I could not talk to her until she changed back :)

Amazing pumpkins! How long did it take you to carve them?


Softdrink - three types of chips. Sadly there aren't many leftovers. :-(

Sandra - Victor is NOT impressed (almost as badly as when I 'dressed' him for Halowe'en)

Girasoli - I used templates and mini-saws. They were all carved in less than an hour (then mom and I went out to lunch!) I'd never do it without the proper tools.

Kathryn Gerth

Okay, I am way behind, trying to catch up a bit, so just be patient...LOL. I LOVE those cutouts on the pumpkins...wow. When one catches up like this, it is sort of like seeing into the future...the posts fly by like a fortuneteller.


Kathryn - welcome back! You've had a busy fall!

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