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October 28, 2008


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sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

Bill will be thrilled to hear that next year you will be going to palm desert by bus. He can meet you in St Louis.
I on the other hand will endure another Delta flight. (this time in the daylight hours)


I don't know Jerry. At $60 a bag to check luggage you might want to consider, dare I say it, carry-on. 8)


It is really great to have a day off after a trip, to do laundry, put things away, get fresh groceries, etc. And after spending so much time watching Life's Rich Pagent unfold before you, you especially needed a bit of time to unwind!

The bunny lady sounds slightly scary; the sober-for-once gal very scary; and the crying lady, pathetic. Ouch. I usually get only one such memorable travel companion per trip!


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We are getting closer and closer to this:


Sandi - that will be the day!

Sandra - it was my bad luck. Hopefully everyone will eb as normal as me next time! LOL

Girasoli - that was HILARIOUS!

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