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October 29, 2008


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As I saw the rise today I thought about you and wondered how much your trip had impacted the dollar! I didn't realise you had a history.

Would it be asking too much that you NOT go to Paso Robles?

Brad'll Do it

Sounds like there's going to be a new Ministry in the Canadian government, the Ministry of Currency Adjustment, with a very large travel budget. I'd like to apply for a consulting position, advising on travel issues in the U.S. and Italy.


Jerry, you and Paul have great futures as currency traders. With your superpowers, you'll make a fortune!


How about moving here and then traveling BACK to North America. That should get things back to 1:1 :)


Sheena - better buy lots of US dolars BEFORE Paul and I head to SFO!

Brad - I think some cross-border bipartisanship research is in order.

Sandra - I am sure Harper would LOVE our help.

Diana - that is such a tempting though!


Note to self: Buy Canadian Dollars on January 31st. Sell Canadian Dollars on February 3rd.


Yes Deborah - if some good can come from our secret powers it should come to YOU!

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