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October 14, 2008


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Jerry, at least your elections are today. I wish ours were!


Way to go Jerry, I'm glad you told the Conservative door-knockers how you felt (and why would they, with their Family Values be out harrasing votes on a national holiday?!)

One comforting thought is that if Harper wins another minority, his party may turn on him for a pretty dismal record -- 3 elections in four years and he still can't win one.


Help, just heard on BBC news that in early results Conservatives have 120 seats, Liberals 34, and NDP I missed - these results from the Atlantic Provinces and TORONTO - have you no influence at all Jerry!

I cannot believe this.

Need to go and watch the results on a Canadian station, and keep my fingers crossed that the West will do the right thing.


Sorry to see the election results Jerry. I can imagine how you feel. I will be equally disconcerted if McCain and that she-devil Palin are elected here.


Jane - you only have a few weeks left. Then the re-building can begin.

Sandra - don't get me started on the so-called family values.

Sheena - don't watch the BBC. It is not great news but it isn't that bad! LOL

Laura - the only silver lining is at least it is not a majority. McCain and Palin don't stand a chance!

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