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October 01, 2008


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Great post and rant. It's one of my pet peeves too, and funding for the arts in US public schools has been slashed to the bone under this boneheaded administration that is (thank god) almost over.

And "trashbin of history" - I love that! May I join you in throwing Bush/Chaney on the pile?!


Well said Ms Atwood! Don't Bubba & Harper look like two peas in a pod. It makes me think of global conspiracies of the one world government sort. Please excuse my violent tendencies, but hang the samanabatches!

Brad'll Do It

Aren't the "arts" the media in which creativity is most freely expressed? Isn't creativity the cornerstone for progress? Isn't progress the goal of a country's leader(s)?

Then how the hell can a country's leader(s) cut/limit/eliminate support for the "arts"? It seems self-defeating. Hopefully, for Harper, it will be.


The continually outrageous behavior of this man (Harper, not Jerry) leaves me speechless. I suppose it is pointless to hope that he may have actually read Margaret Atwood’s excellent article?


Annie - there is room in that trashbin for a few more!

Kendall - leaders like this to bring out the worst in folks.

Brad - Harper is the type that only supports things that fit his values - which are likely further right than George W above. Art and creative stuff? Oh oh!

Sheena - isn't Atwood wonderful. She nailed this one! I just can't understand how anyone could ever consider voting for this dolt!

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