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October 07, 2008


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Well said, Jerry! Since 2002 Canada has lost about 353,000 manufacturing jobs. There have been offsets but the sector, which is primarily in Ontario and Quebec, has taken a pounding.

So it's totally bizarre how Harper and the Tories have it in for central Canada -- esepcially given how desperately the Tories need votes in this region!


I thought you might appreciate this...Apple plans to release new laptops on October 14th, this was one of the comments:
"I knew it Steven Harper is in league with apple. He got them to put the event on voting day in Canada so no one shows up to vote! damn he's good. Don't forget to vote strategically my friends"


Sandra - it makes fr great wedge votes in Western Canada. I just don't know why the Ontario MPs stand up for it. I admire Bill casey for the stand that he took!

Girasoli - that bloody Harper is far more diabolical than I even thought. *smile* Has Karl Rove come to Canada?


I'm sure they are all in cahoots somehow. Ya know, you bettcha, our Alaska Gov VP candidate is just soooo close to the foreign country of Canada.


She must be an expert on all things Canadian. Palin is a train wreck! She can dress a moose though - that has to can't for somehting *smile*

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