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October 09, 2008


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The photos are all the proof I would need to NOT vote for him.


Girasoli - you are so correct. The sad thing is that some folks here actually like George W. They like a leader who 'stands up'.

If only they thought through the consequences of this behaviour a little more fully. Oh well, independent thought is a challenge for some.


I pray everyday that this man gets defeated. I would hate to see America's shame repeated in Canada.
Wood you like me to send you a Steven Harper Voodoo doll?


Hi Jerry, would you like Sarah, too? We will export her--gladly. See you in two weeks.


Kandall - sadly the one I had was ripped to bits in a mysterious fit of anger . . .

Jane - that would make things too frightening for words!


Jerry, I just linked to your list on my new blog:


It's not an exclusively political blog, but politics is one of my concerns. Fingers crossed for the election, my first chance to vote as a Canadian citizen! Feel free to add me to your blogroll (I'm still trying to figure out how to get linked to more, so apologies if that's poor netiquette).


Thanks David - it looks as if there will be some more dark days ahead . . .

Alison S

Good list, but I believe Rona Ambrose stopped him talking about or promoting his book, but I think he did publish it. I could be wrong though.

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