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October 10, 2008


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Nigel Thomas

Good article. We need to keep pandemic preparedness at the forefront of every business manager's mind. It won't go away so better start preparing.

Nigel Thomas
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Jerry, I would also argue that this week's report from the parliamentary budget office on the mounting costs of the Afghanistan war -- already over $18 billion -- will likely prove another Conservative coverup. The Tories had said the costs would be about half that amount.

Not only did they try to delay the release of the report but it seems that the Conservatives deliberately misled Canadians about the mounting costs.


Good point Nigel - I can't believe that the government wanted to cut costs there. ARGH

Sandra - I have been so crazy here that I haven't taken the time to examine that in more detail. I guess I need to do some homework tomorrow while the turkey is cooking!

Leonard Okoth

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What's for

Nice. Lucky you are to gather so much critisicm on your Prime Minister. In Russia, you would have a long knife in your ass. Come to Russia :)

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