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October 25, 2008


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Hi Jerry, Ok, not only am I feeling sorry for myself for not being there, but I am drowning in self pity too... :(

Seriously, I am glad that you are all having fun. I am also enjoying your San Diego visit. Lucky you! All these vacation days!!!


Jerry & Paul...
Please think of poor little me sitting here in St. Louis and wishing I was with you.

Cindy Ruth

Jerry-I'm enjoying reading about the fun you all are having, even though I'm sad that I'm not there enjoying it with you. Keep up the fun!!!


I am also enjoying reading about your fun in the sun. Wish I was there also!! Enjoy!!


Eden - we were sorry to ahve missed you. I hope that you're feeling better.

Deborah - were your ears burning? LOL

Cindy - plan a trip to California next October . . .

Girasoli - it is a shame that you couldn't get a cheap flight from the islands LOL Does such a thing even exist?

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