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November 05, 2008


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I'm disappointed in my fellow Californians, too. I don't understand how a state that voted for Obama could pass Prop 8. Yoo-hoos for the ya-hoos!


I was going to be more harsh than yoo-hoos but didn't want to appear 'over the top'! LOL

Deb R

Oh boy! That look fabulous! Two my favorite things...yum!


Jerry, I am so bummed about Prop. 8. I simply cannot believe that people can be so backwards. I have a feeling that some people voted yes because they thought it meant no, if that makes any sense - but that's still no excuse.

Equal rights for everyone. Why is that so hard for some people to understand?


Jerry, don't know about the martini but we sure are enjoying the jelly on our morning toast!!


Deb - have a wee one when you next feel the need to celebrate.

Shannon - I noticed particularly bad results from the San Diego area - grrr

Well Jane - the celebration is the important things, not the device. LOL


I too was so puzzled by the fact that in this election, when we took such a great step forward, we also took that big step back. We still have some work to do, for sure!


Annie - there is no doubt that things are strange down there in the US of A. I am always amazed by the coings and goings of your politics.

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