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November 03, 2008


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Ah come on! I'll throw a fabulous shower if we can split the loot at Williams-Sonoma! How about Sur La Table, Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn?

We almost (Brad tried) ran over a group of Yes on 8 people in t-shirts on Saturday!
Great post!


I will never understand why people continue to poke their noses into what is private business between two consenting adults.
Ignorance is bliss, but not for the other fellow.


Very well said, Jerry! Civilization, as we know it, hasn't come to an end since Canada legalized same-sex marriage.

And we haven't seen people fighting for the right to marry their pets or their car or more than one person at the same time (which I believe was another of the old arguments against same-sex marriage: that it would open the door to any number of perversions!)

You really should think about getting married, though -- imagine the gifts, from all of your Italy-mad friends. The ceramics alone would be spectacular!


Aiiiyaiiii, Jerry...great post! Thanks for writing this.

Here's what I know for sure...
People are people and love is love. No matter who loves whom!

Why is it that the far-out-in-the-stratosphere religious right (I'm just speculating here...) believe they have the God-given right to decide for the rest of the world what goes and what doesn't?

I have this exact discussion with a few people in my corner of the world, asking them to show me where they find it written that they have the right to do that for another person...they can't answer me.

They can, however, quote various and sundry Bible verses that they try to use as a wide wedge, to plow a mean swath in front of them, clearing all of the reasonable people out of their way.

I ask them if they'd be receptive to me deciding for them what they should and shouldn't do with their lives...you can bet that wouldn't go very far! Their answer usually is dead silence. No answer at all, because the shoe on the other foot pinches really HARD for them, then.

Thanks, Jerry! I appreciate your wisdom.
(AND, I'd love to go shopping for a shower gift for you and Paul! Bowrings has some great pottery on sale this month...pre-Christmas shopping, you know!)


Jerry, this is a marvelous post...very well said! I get all tongue tied when it comes to politics, so I'm just going to link to your post.


Jerry, what a great post! My hubby and I have been saying a lot of the same things ever since the Prop 8 thing came along. And I'll bet that legal gay marriage would decrease the overall divorce rate.


Very well said! I find it amazing that these same people that want to ban same sex marriages and the right to have an abortion are always harping on how we need less of government in our lives There is a reason that separation of church and state is a legal doctrine.


NO TO PROP 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't even stand it, Jerry. I can't even stand the this thing is on the Ballot in California, of all states.

All of this kind of stuff is just fear based. Fear of what? Of not having a certain type of mentality validated. Ahhh.

So many of my gay and lesbian friends are in GREAT relationships -- of course!! They have fun together, they help their families and friends, they are enjoying their time here on earth being in love and being loving people. They are living healthy, productive lives. What on earth is so hard to grasp about that?


Society never ceases to amaze me. I wonder how or why some folks have the energy that they do to pursue limiting the rights of others. I don't know why it matters to them when there are so many other things that SHOULD matter to them. ARGH


Palma - would you believe that I have never been to Sur La Table, Crate and Barrel? SHOCK I shall have to fix that.

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