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November 19, 2008


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:-( Sorry you had a crappy day.

On the bright side, there are only 71 days until the (snow-free) Slow Bowl!


I'm totally with you on the snow and the pitfalls that go with it.
But I consider myself lucky to not have to put on boots and a warm coat until this week. It is Nov. in Canada.
Time to dream about those warm vacation plans, isn't it?
Hope tomorrow is a better day for ya.

Cindy Ruth

Jerry-That was WAY too depressing! Hope the week gets better.


That definitely qualifies for a very crappy day. Sorry that you had to deal with so many irritating experiences in one day. I give you credit for allowing all the late feedback. That drives me crazy! I am also sorry that you lost your lunch bag. Bummer! I hope your day is much cheerier tomorrow!!

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

You need a vacation!
or better yet, a trip to the warm sunny south. Piggly Wiggly has lunch bags, if you freeze your can of coke it works just the same.


Jerry, I'm sorry about your day. I find when I have such a day it helps to slap the crap out of someone.


I'm with Kendall!

Jerry, I thought of you this morning when I heard that a big snowstorm was sweeping through your area. It is as cold as 10 bears in Ottawa right now but no snow. As yet.

And what is it about deadlines for comments that people love to miss? Always, comments come in late around here too.

One of us has got to buy a house in Italy where we all can winter.


Okay you have played the sympathy card... I'll check the Whole Foods here for a lunch bag replacement for you. But you will have to freeze coke cans until January!

Barb Cabot

I'm late to this post but I just have to say that Kendall "You crack me up!" I hope her comment put a big smile on your face Jerry. It sure put one on mine.


Thanks y'all for the kind thoughts. Perhaps it is perverse but I actually like the bad days better than the good ones as they provide a challenge! I don't think I'll take your advice Kendall as a jail sentence would impact my travel . . . *smile*


Leave no witness's Jerry.*smile*


I get it . . . . no witnesses! I mus remember . . .

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