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November 18, 2008


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Another winner! I'm definitely oging to make this one! Thanks once again!


Not related to this blog entry .... but did you know that Jamie Oliver is planning to open a 'Fifteen' restaurant in Toronto in 2010.

I am so impressed by his patience and understanding when working with these troubled young people - and with his successful school dinners progam in the UK.


Barbara - enjoy!

Sheena - that is exciting news. I told Paul and he is going to count the days. 2010 can't come soon enough for us (especially as that is our next 'Italy' year!)


What a find today. I just came back from the store with all the stuff I wanted for chicken stir fry and then was going to hunt a recipe..but voila..checked my blogs first and here you are. I just need to get the cashews now.

Thanks for making my day!


Jane - I hope that this worked as well for you as it did for us.

We had some of the chili cranberry sauce last night - YUM!


Jerry, it was so good! I used a little Schezuan Stir Fry Sauce instead of the crushed red pepper which was really good. Yummy!


Jane - what a great idea. I'll have to search for some - I bet it provides a greater depth of flavour as well.

Barb Cabot

Jerry, I made this tonight! This is really really good! Thanks so much for sharing such a easy, healthy, so many great veges in one dish, recipe. Loved it. Big hit!


Barb- Paul was chuffed to hear that you liked 'his' recipe.

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