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November 13, 2008


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Jerry, happy conferencing.
I had the exact same thing happen to me when I got stuck in an intersection because a train was crossing and it backed up the traffic. I just couldn't make it through.
A female taxi driver came over and started banging on my windshield. I put my windows up, glared at her and mouthed "don't touch my car." Then I wrote down her license plate number and picked up my cell phone (as if I was going to call someone to complain about her). She backed off then.
When I got home I called the company she worked for to complain. They knew her quite well and apologized to me.


Chiaro - I am so glad that it isn't just me. I was quite shocked by it all. LOL You know hoe it is - strange car, strange city, bad traffic . . . Good heavens - if people in Italy rapped on my window everytime I did something wrong . . . well, it would be a full-time job for them!


I can see that you are a deep thinker like me!

Deb R

hehehehe, too funny Jerry! Have a great trip home! What's for dinner?


Kendall - deep thinking is over rated.

Deb - I'll be so tired by the time I get home that I predict leftovers.

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