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December 03, 2008


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Brad'll Do It

The way you describe the antics of your national leader is creating some deja vu for me regarding the national leader of the USA, or is it post-traumatic stress?

Ultimately, it seems, the people and the press wake up to having been used/ abused by their national leader(s), and righteous indignation prevails.

One of my great enjoyments, Jerry, are your indignations... so eloquently righteous.

Thanks for another great blog post.


Well, since Brad brought him up, Dubya will be looking for a new post soon.


Jerry, I have to say that -- like Brad -- I've been thinking a lot about Dubya and Karl Rove this week. Harper's big lies and behaviour seem to be drawn straight from the Republican's demonic playbook.

It has seemingly worked -- Harper pulled the fire alarm and now he won't have to take the exam. Yet.

I can only hope that his antics have offended enough thoughful Conservatives (surely they exist) that someone is going to see him removed.


indignations? Moi?

Lord - we have the W of the north. Now we need some change up here!

Sandra - it is no surprise that harpie's assistants go on retreats with Rove and the boys is it?

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