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December 30, 2008


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Looks Yummy! I may just try out this recipe later this week. We're expecting a bit of snow New Years Day. If I make it home from the festivties that night before, this might be a good comfort food.

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

I want a picture of the Le Creuset! I am filled with envy. Is it that teal blue color? I am afraid that Santa might have gotten our gifts confused. You were the naughty one!

Oh... the stew looks good too.


Rose - that would require cooking on your part - alert the fire department!

Sandi - I got a green one - then I realized from a pic on Palma's blog that she has the same one. Now I am embarassed to post a pic! :-)

We bought it at the outlet mall - it is a second - a tiny chip in the enamel on the lid. It retails for $ 285 and we got it for $ 125. I kick myself for not buying more!

I think Santa knew just what the deal was! LOL

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

So I see... that explains it.
Santa had no casserole pots left by the time he had gotten to Alabama. I'll be off the the outlet mall myself :-)


Do they have outlet malls in Alabama? I'm not sure that they have Le Creuset casseroles at the WalMart!


Jerry - what type of cut of meat did you use? Our supermarket has something they call "stew meat" which is chunks of meat (I'm assuming you cubed the beef). Just wondering if you think that would work.


Kim - I used stewing beef. I could buy a roast and chop it up but I am lazy. Costco here has the BEST stewing beef BTW.

It was a great stew! A wonderful way to 'christen' my new Le Creuset pot. It also freezes very well.

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