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December 27, 2008


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These look delicious! I may have to try them...hmmmm. :)

Cindy Ruth

Jerry-The bars look wonderful! Who would have thought combining malted milk powder and dates. And if you're like me, you had most of a container of malted milk powder left over from the Malted Milk Ice Cream I chose for our Sunday Slow Scoopers. I'll have to print out this recipe to make later to use up that powder.


Cindy - that is exactly why i was excited about this recipe. I'd love to have that bottle out of the cupboard! LOL

They were very good Chris - enjoy!


I have to admit, I am a late-date lover myself. What finally got me hooked was pairing it with goat cheese - try it... it's wonderful!
Your date bars look fantastic!

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

I am still p'd that I missed this whole event.

This does look yummy and I am glad that Paul got a little treat after his long hours during the holidays.


Oh, this is SO perfect. I have almost everything here and need to make some desserts for the Vine holiday party on Sunday. These should do quite nicely. Thanks Jerry! (And Palma.)


Katie - i have a big log of goat cheese in the fridge . . . now I have a new year's eve treat! Thanks!

Sandi - I did post it in the food and wine thread. I'm supposed to give you a private message now too? Geesh - you can't win sometimes!

Shannon - the Vine folks will be purring . . . lucky them.

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