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December 17, 2008


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Kathryn Gerth

Oh, I am cracking up at this one...not the video...at YOU! LOL. In good humor, of course. This is my favorite duet of all time...well, save one: Axl Rose and Tom Petty singing Free Falling together is my number one favorite duet of all time. Anyway, I LOVE this duet with David and Bing and this month on my blog I am putting in Christmas songs each post...Saturday is a concert we are going to that Matt is singing in and they have a really great drum number, so I am planning on putting this video/song on my blog that day...LOL. The patter in the clip is inane, but their voices...nice, very nice together. Do you think we would be friends in real life? LOL...I am hoping you will forgive this lapse of mine...I love this duet!


I agree that their voices are perfectly matched . . . as odd as it may be. I imagine it was even odder at the time!

Enjoy Matt's concert.

What do you mean about real life? Isn't this real? LOL


I love this duet/video also (except for the horrid patter between the two as you so cleverly describe it).


Girasoli - I wish I knew how to edit videos (still working on the ballooning video - LOL). If I did I ould edit the silly chatter right out!

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