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December 18, 2008


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I don't know how you do it. I made 3 types of cookies this weekend (2 batches each) and then was wiped out for days! I really envy you! I have been drooling over all of your recent baking posts.


That looks fabulous. I am so making it this weekend! Remember when we used to make truffles for the holidays. Do you still do that?


Girasoli - Palma says I have OBD (obsessive baking disorder)! If I do that she is the charter member of the club. LOL

Laura - enjoy it.

I haven't made truffles for years. After all that time fooling around with chocolate I have gotten a bit tired of it - it only took 44 years.

I recall that our triuffles were fabulous. I remember that you dad wanted us to sell them.

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