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January 21, 2009


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Jerry, is this the second installment? Soon, I'll be looking for some new mysteries and this sounds good.


Thanks for the rec. I read "Lucifer's Shadow" by him (it's set in Venice) and really enjoyed it. Didn't know he has a mystery series too - will have to check it out.


Kim - he has written 7 books featuring this team. I could send them your way if you're interested.

Annie - there is a great one that was written based in Venice. Features a old glass-making family on Murano.


Jerry, I've read most of Hewson's mysteries in this series, too. I just bought The Garden of Evil and was waiting for Dante's Numbers to come out in paperback. It sounds great!

I really enjoy these mysteries -- as you say, they are pretty gritty but intelligent.


Sandra - shall I send it to you? *smile* I used my Christmas gift cards. I never wait for paperbacks just after Christmas!

Kathryn Gerth

I just finished reading Dante's Trilogy...I do this every five years since college, who knows why...LOL. It's a compulsion...anyway, might be kind of fun to visit this book recommendation of yours at this time.


Kathryn - you'd have an advantage. There are lots of Dante references which flew over my head!

David Hewson

Thanks for your interest everyone. You can find out more about the books at http://www.davidhewson.com. Plus I will be touring (some of) the US in April and showing photos of Italy from the research of the books if you happen to be in the area. More information on the tour here: http://booktour.com/author/david_hewson

Oh - and thanks for the pistachio chicken recipe. Am cooking it tomorrow night!


Now David - when do you come up to Canada and tour here? *smile*


Jerry - that would be incredibly sweet! You know I still have that cooking light sitting in a box on my floor (I'm so bad). Okay sending today. Anyway - if you could send the first book, that would be great!


Wow! I am impressed! To have the book's author comment is pretty cool!

David Hewson

I can't wait to tour Canada - it's been ages. Stay tuned. Possibly October I hope. If you know any book stores that would like me please ask them to get in touch through my website and we'll see what can be done. I may well be at Bouchercon in Indiana and it would make sense to do something after that if anyone wants me.

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