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January 02, 2009


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Barb Cabot

Happy 2nd Birthday Jerry! I've been a huge fan throughout 2008. You make me laugh alot and the recipes are winners! Here's to you and many more blog bdays!


Congrats on your second anniversary, Jerry! I enjoy your blog immensely (and thanks for the reminder -- I want to try your wild boar recipe)

I especially enjoyed your ballooning photos, hearing about the cats, your astute political opinions and everything related to travel.

Here's to another great year!


Happy 2nd Blog Birthday! I have also enjoyed checking in every day to see what you have to say/share. I think one of my favorite posts was the one about mailing the package home from Italy with all the stamps.


Thanks Barb!

Sandra - I think that there will be many political postings in the next few months . . .

Thanks girasoli! I had forgotten about the package from Italy post - that was a fun one. The joys of the Italian postal service . . .

Kathryn Gerth

Happy Second Anniversary...may the goodness continue!

Teena in Toronto

Happy blogoversary!


Happy 2nd Birthday, Jerry's blog!!!

And what a wonderfully witty and amusing recap...even your entries about past entries are entertaining!


Thanks Kathryn - I hope that you're feeling better.

Thanks Teena and Anne.

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